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The next resources and guides was made to help anyone to setup it to the console. The next guides are to install and update the custom firmwaredownload links are provide inside. The next list is the current homebrews and ports available click the user name for more info. Here you have a list some of the beta or custom files, to access them go to Beta Testing folder here. This section is for advanced users, no guides are provided for this please read the.

Note: If you are looking for the BittBoy v1 and v2 main stuff stock firmware, drivers, schematics, etc Note: Some people have been receiving consoles with parts of different versions, if any CFW does not work let us know in our Discord indicated above. The next people is contributing to all development of this Bittboy related stuff:. Theres many ways to contribute to this project, even if you don't know how to code.

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Meet the New PocketGo! ↷

TriForceX Added Wizznic game port to main list. Latest commit a49 Apr 6, Never had an issue with service. Easy to setup service and automated payments. I tell all my friends about it who are in contracts with the big providers for twice the price. The company has been great to work with, and I really am getting great service for an affordable price. I've switched 4 phones to Red pocket 3 from TracFone and 1 from Verizon and couldn't be happier! The numbers were ported within a couple of hours.

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The New PocketGo Review

Thank you!!!! I'd recommended them to anyone. Thanks for great customer service and a good deal!I am probably the last person on the internet to review this handheld.

I was in two minds whether it was worth it at this stage. The main reason for the extreme lateness of this review are the problems I had with the d-pad and buttons. I thought that this was only an issue with the pre-production units, so I waited patiently for a replacement.

Unfortunately it looks like some retail versions are affected by unresponsive buttons as well. My second replacement New PocketGo is a little better, but still not perfect. Read on for my New PocketGo Review.

The New PocketGo aims to improve over its predecessor by offering a larger screen, an analog stick, two extra shoulder buttons and a more powerful CPU. There are some other nice additions such as 2 microSD slots, both accessible from the outside of the shell. A user replaceable battery is a very nice touch as well.

Out of the box the New PocketGo is a good size, with the 3. The unit feels well built in most areas, although I must admit that the V1 feels like a slightly higher quality handheld.

new pocketgo reddit

Simply flash it to a slot1 microSD and away you go. The OS comes with minimal additional software, you can grab emulators and such from here. The PocketGo will correctly map the directory. You can then transfer them back to the device afterwards. There is also a port of Emulation Station in active development. It handles a large portion of PS1 games very well, and the harder to emulate SNES games mostly run at full or close to full speed.

CPS3 is where it bottoms out on the arcade front, with some games running OK but a lot being unplayable. The upcoming Linux based Odroid-Go Advance will probably be a good bet too. The New PocketGo has its fair share. As mentioned previously, many units seem to suffer from unreliable inputs.

My pre-production model had problems with not only the d-pad but also the ABXY buttons. My replacement retail units have d-pad issues too. I also tried adding a little height to the d-pad legs with tape, as others have reportedly had success that way.In fact I also require a replacement unit as mine is faulty too.

I initially thought it was a problem with my unit only, but in the past few days I have seen reports elsewhere too. I was hoping to cover this in my review, but the new unit is taking longer than expected to get here.

I got a second pocketgo and it has D-pad issues unfortunately. Everything else is good though. I contacted retromimi about it and have not heard back. Rather than wait for a reply and a long return process I saw that you can actually get a Gameboy classic DMG D-pad and install that. This should be a simple fix as long as the fabrication is even on this D-pad. In fact I would recommend doing it so you can familiarize yourself with the device and carry the experience forward.

Man, sorry to hear yo all have had a ton of issues. Mine has been awesome other losing my analog stick in my pocket somewhere along the way.

How to use

Has anyone figured out a fix for it yet? Others have found success with disassembly and then cleaning the PCB and silicone pads. Some have flux all over the PCB still. Mine arrived and works ok, the only problem is down on the dpad requires a bit firmer press than anything else, though I still prefer the dpad than my gcw. I got my PocketGo a week ago and it was fine. I did have an issue with the power button, the case was flexing inward preventing it from actuating, but opening the case quickly resolved this.

I recommend opening the case and resetting any buttons or membrane to fix small problems. The only thing I would suggest future buyers to do is use PayPal, you can dispute it, they will most likely refund you without you having to return the unit because Retromimi will probably not spring for shipping. The solution I found like some on reddit was to swap the conductive pads and the conductive part of the circuit board with isopropyl alcohol.

I think the team that makes PocketGo just needs better QA on their end. D-pad issues for me are that the left press travels further than the other three which Taki Udon pointed out. It also came out the box with screen issues, i. I have encountered a new issue this evening — artefacts from one game left flashing on the screen even though either the ui home screens are running or another game is running.

I am furious. First up was the ghost key issue with the Bittboy v2. I put that down to it being an open source gadget and not really a proper proprietary product. I then gave them a second chance with the PG1 which is a decent little device but is a really a bit of a joke with regard to the light bleeding, poorly fitted screen, distortion on the speaker etc.

new pocketgo reddit

Initial impressions were favourable despite the dead pixel and the vignette issue. The screen artefacts issue discovered this evening is the final straw. I may well relent and purchase an Odroid Go advance if it reviews favourably by ordinary people rather than the You Tube influencers which despite assurances of impartiality and declaring interests are really quite unreliable, otherwise my days of Chinese emulation handheld buying are well and truly over.

To add insult to injury, I bought a PG2 for my daughter — more fool me as it turned up with a screen with a dead pixel. PocketGo 2 will be my last device from these folks. I remember around December 20th the retromimi site said something about PG2 is now in stock, but to be patient because they have to test each unit before delivering. Uh huh, yeah right. That statement has since been removed. A review can be left on the retromimi site for your product. I think you might get a faster response for a refund if you voice your dissatisfaction that way.

At the very least it will warn others and hopefully prevent these companies from taking advantage of consumers. Retromimi were contacted regarding the faulty screen using the softly, softly approach in tandem with requesting info regarding their giving away analog stick covers.Updated: Aug 21, Download the latest V3. I used Windows Disk Management. IMG file and press "Write" button to proceed.

new pocketgo reddit

If it boots it is a success. Bittboy v4. Otherwise it won't run as Minestorm also contains worth of 1kb of BIOS functions used by most games thanks to sauce. Once the battery gets below 3. The default value is Added custom terminl colors. Default option and recommended one is Mono. Standard keymapping:. A - Fire1. B - Fire2. X - Fire3. Y - Fire4. L - Fire5.

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R - Fire6. Defaults are now. Bittboy CFW V3.By ruilongNov 7, 1, 1 0. Level 3.

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Joined: Jun 6, Messages: Country:. Level 5. Joined: Apr 18, Messages: Country:. I misread the above post. I got one a few weeks back. It's really nothing special compared to the other "Retro Game" handhelds. The buttons are nicer, the D-pad is mediocre.

new pocketgo reddit

The screen looks very nice, but it is just too small: approx. I would not like to play PS1 games on this tiny screen, even if they ran full speed. Kinda sucks how it has a different SoC.

The New Pocket Go Review! Is It Any Good? Pocket Go 2

I mostly play handheld games and 8bit retro consoles. GBA emulation gpsp is slow and probably not going to improve. To get almost all the games I like to play working, I have built 3 different versions of gpsp.

Neogeo color pocket emulation was very slow, even with no scaling. I don't think this emulator was included by default. If you already have LDK or even the old "Retro Game" with the phoney cartridge slot, there's really no compelling reason to buy PocketGo. Actually, there isn't much reason to upgrade from Retrogame to LDK, but that's another story. LDK has a bigger screen, is a little faster, and you will spend less time porting stuff from dingux because other people have already done most of it.

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No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?You will Need. Extract the custom firmware archive file. You should have a file with the filename extension of. Click on the text for the card to select all of the card. Once completed, you can close the Mini Tool Partition Wizard software.

Next, load Win32 Disk Imager. Next, double check that the drive letter is the correct one for your MicroSD card. If it is not correct, click on the drive letter and choose the correct one. The software will now write the custom firmware to the MicroSD Card.

It will take a short period of time to complete.

Meet the New PocketGo! ↷

You can now close the Win32 Disk Imager software. Load the Mini Tool Partition Wizard software.

C write bytes to file

You will now see that there five partitions on the MicroSD Card. This may take some time depending on the size of your MicroSD Card. Once complete, you can now exit the Mini Tool Partition Wizard software. This is where you can store your game files. We recommend keeping an organised folder structure if you are planning to add many games.

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By making folders for each system it allows for easier finding of games and also faster loading times. Make a folder for each of the systems you plan to add games for. This makes it faster to load the list of games, and also saves time for you scrolling to get to a game beginning with M for example.

Copy over any files in to their respective folders. Switch on your BittBoy and it will take a few seconds to boot the the menu software.

You are now ready to play!

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