Ncis fanfiction tony never joined ncis

From the moment he laid eyes on one Timothy McGee, he's wanted him. He's wanted to get little Timmy naked and never stop having his way with him until Tim was all panting and dirty. Just thinking about a naked, panting, and clinging Tim underneath him had Tony squirming in his seat. He was special, his McNerd, with his genius mind, incredible focus, open and big heart with tons of love. And even after working with NCIS for years and seeing what they have, he's still kept his innocence; believing that there was good in everyone, encouraging the other three on the team that believed everyone was hiding something to give someone a chance.

Tim brought a sense of calmness to the team and he knew that he wasn't alone on being thankful that Tim was on the team. Tony, however, never made a move on his teammate. Not in the seven years they've worked together.

Talk about control, though there have been plenty of days he was ready to throw Tim on his desk and have his way with him, Gibbs barking orders to stop and head-slapping him be damned.

Instead, he just stuck with keeping him close and metaphorically pulling on Tim's pigtails, as Abby liked to say.

ncis fanfiction tony never joined ncis

He never called Tim by his first name—afraid what would happen to his control if he did—and only called him by McGee, any McNickname he could make in the moment, or his personal favorite…Probie. So when Phil McCadden, the local Norfolk police detective that he hit it off with from the beginning, called Tim McSlim after Tim asked about his NutterButters, he glowered but kept silent. And it was obvious she was waiting for him to say something to McCadden about giving Tim a McNickname.

Just like the last time he went off on someone who thought it was okay to call Tim a McNickname. However, he stayed silent and continued to tell Gibbs about how he and McCadden—didn't feel right calling him McC any longer—went out for a break. Gibbs ordered Tony and McCadden to go run an errand, and when Tim offered to go along with them as they made their way to the elevator, McCadden looked at him with a smirk and said, "We got this Probie.

We don't need the help. The look on Tony's face would forever be in her memory. From the moment she joined the team, right after Ari and the death of Kate, she knew something was between McGee and DiNozzo, though it was one sided. Tony loved Tim, and has not said anything about it. And everyone knew, except for Tim. Even Holly, the escort that has been helping them in the last few days could tell how Tony felt.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Spencer starts having more and more empathic events. He can no longer hide he is a mutant from the team. He needs help, he gets it from his Team as well as that from his adopted brother Tony, Papa Wolf Loganand dear friend Remy. He works on solving cases, building his shields, and in the mean time finds his true north in an unexpected to him at least relationship.

How will things work out? Just after coming back from Israel, Tony is sent on a secret undercover mission with little preparation and some serious doubts. He uncovers a lot more than he could have ever anticipated, but it may just be everything he's ever wanted.

ncis fanfiction tony never joined ncis

One- or two-shots in which Tony takes another path. And sometimes finds love. And maybe sometimes starts revolutions. Feel free to adopt them whole or in part. Steve McGarrett doesn't do average and a Guide who has hidden that he is online from everyone - Is just the right fit. Tony had … mostly… given up the fantasy that Gibbs could or would ever settle into the role of surrogate father.

So, it shouldn't have hurt so much to watch Gibbs willingly stretch himself with Damon Werth, the should-have-been-Silver-star-medal-recipient, now disgraced for having taken the illegal but clearly effective route of steroids to overcome an anaemic disorder and become the marine's marine he had become.

He should have been used to life's little reality checks, by now. He really should have, but who was he kidding, no matter how much Tony had tried to convince himself that he had grown out and of beyond the need for it, something in Tony still wanted and needed acceptance and approval from his chosen father figure.

But if he hadn't been clinging so desperately to that last little pathetic illusion, it couldn't have gained the mental and emotional power to become his last straw - snapping before the narcotics easing his dislocated shoulder had even worn off. That may have been a blessing, though - in and of itself- allowing Tony to stay numb as he planned his exit from NCIS, the MRCT, and his wistfully-chosen, once-upon-a-time family.

Why was it then things only got more dangerous from that point? With that one small twist, innumerable lives are changed for better or worse, including four a world away and in Washington DC, who will feel the effects of this change but will never know his name or that he was the catalyst.

It's a rare pair if you can't find it four pages deep in a google search, right? When a simple case pushed the strains to new height, Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo made a life-changing decision.

After fighting of Michael Rivkin, Tony DiNozzo wakes up in the hospital and has to face changes that will turn his life upside down once again.

So, Tony had tried. He'd tried to ignore the hurt when he was ignored, reasoning if he stayed in place he could mitigate the damage. But he was so damn tired of living a lie.The problem with my double vision has been corrected and so far so good.

Though I had to increase the strength of my contacts as well. My poor little eyes.

This story is AU in which when Gibbs and Tony worked that case in Baltimore…well, let's just say Tony didn't accept the offer to join Gibbs' team. The story is set in around the whole thing with Agent Lee went kaboom, just remember that Tony didn't join the team. Disclaimer: I do not own any character you recognize. Even though I keep asking for them for my birthday.

McGee fumbled with the camera again. Sometimes, he thought Ziva snuck up on him on purpose just to see if he would one day drop the very expensive digital camera. McGee glared at his partner but eventually went back to work.

Being an Agent on Gibbs' team sometimes had its downsides. He was McGee's height, if not a bit taller, and had light brown hair that was gently spiked, "Actually, my partner found him and as soon as I confirmed he was dead and was indeed part of the Navy, I called you guys.

Learned my lesson last time. The man smiled at McGee as McGee worked quickly to get the details down, "So you've heard of us before? You handle anything having to do with the Marines or Navy.

I've come across you a time or two. McGee watched as one of the doors of the police cruiser opened and out came a large sable German Shepherd. That done, he turned back towards McGee, "You can ask him a question, Special Agent, but I don't know how helpful he'll be. I'm more of the talkative partner in this relationship.

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McGee opened his mouth to respond before closing it, looking much like a fish out of water. He should have noticed the K-9 decal on the side of the police car. After that, I did what I told you; checked to make sure he was dead, roped off the area and called you guys.

You the LEO that found my body? Which was weird, McGee thought, because in all the years McGee had worked for Gibbs, that had never been anyone's reaction when they recognized the often ornery Senior Agent, "And not me. Cisco here did. Gibbs regarded the police dog at Tony's heel before extending his hand, "What are you doing in here?

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Last I saw you, you were an up and coming Baltimore Homicide Detective.Tony DiNozzo couldn't believe what he'd just heard. His fellow agents, his 'backup' hadn't been listening to him while he went house to house in the neighborhood, trying to get the residents' voices on tape to compare with the voice they had on file for their suspect. Their 'terrorist' suspect!

How long did you ramble? Seemed like hours," Ziva replied. Seems like years. Although it seems a much shorter time that we were able to enjoy the silence.

Pity you did not stay out there longer, Tony," she said, joining in the laughter once again.

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Tony leaned back in the seat, shaking his head. He turned to look out the window, not noticing that McGee had started the engine and pulled the car away from the curb.

He barely heard the animated and almost celebratory conversation going on in the front seat. They had traveled a couple of miles, when he realized he needed to get out of the vehicle. Tony, I'm not stopping. It's late, I'd like to get back to the office and get the paperwork done for the day. McGee sighed. Tony threw open the door and headed for a nearby trashcan, where he promptly vomited the lunch he'd eaten several of hours before.

McGee and David stepped out of the vehicle, somewhat concerned that their fellow agent appeared to be ill. But DiNozzo didn't reply. He stood up, wiping his mouth with a handkerchief. Looking around, he spotted what he needed and began walking down the sidewalk. When the other man didn't stop, McGee called out. I want to get back to the office.

If he wants to pout, he can do it on his own time. Gibbs stepped back into the bullpen just as DiNozzo got off the elevator. McGee and David were sitting at their desks, both seemingly engrossed in whatever was on their computer monitors. Tony moved over to his own desk and sat down, not sparing a glance at any of them.

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Several long seconds went by, before Ziva tentatively replied. No problems. When both David and McGee glanced toward Tony, as if waiting for him to contradict her, Gibbs figured something was up. None of them appeared injured, but when DiNozzo made no attempt to agree or disagree, in fact made no comment at all, Gibbs wondered what had occurred between the three that would cause his most vocal agent to keep quiet.

Now he knew something was going on. He just wondered how long it would take him to get to the bottom of whatever the problem was. I just spoke to Abby, she's getting everything set up to do the voice recognition.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Tony ordered one of the SEAL's to help Abby in her lab after he made some uncomplimentary remarks about her. This is the story of Abby's temporary lab assistant. Gibbs has two injured SEALs on his hands.

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He has to go to extreme measures to make them rest and heal. Takes place after Dinozzo's A What? Abby's so excited to see Tony home that she hugs him a bit too hard. He's not in that good a shape and her unnecessary roughness does more damage than anyone could have expected. Poor Tony. Second full story in Tony! The other SEALs help him. Gibbs, Tim and Jimmy join him. Coming of age for Tim and Jimmy.

Tony Never Worked for NCIS

I'm so one to complain. What ever happened to the dog. Gibbs and Co have to take leave time or lose it. They decide to take a road trip on motorcycles. They visit Gibbs Dad and go camping and fishing.

Crash and Burn- Gibbs/Tony

Now, HR has caught up with them. Tony's sure this is going to turn out badly. How badly, no one could guess. You know that there are going to be some repercussions from Flower's stupidity. Vance also gets a bit. Everyone knows that Tony plays piano. They don't know how good he is. He agrees to a charity concert.

There's also some moving involved.

Remy's family reunion results in a great trip down to Louisiana and fun, food, music It's a family reunion. Not happy about that but they do their duty, until it's time not to. And it doesn't help things that Ron Sacks is there, with attitude.We head to the plane. When I am settled I start thinking if this is the right choice picking Ziva over tony but Ziva did kill her brother for me.

I got called into the director's office today I don't know what happens but I have a gut feeling something bad going to happen. Well, I better get going or I'm going to be late I open the door and see Vance sitting at his desk with Gibbs and Ziva across from him my gut was churning. After a few moments in silence, I hear a voice. After what seemed like forever Vance said "agent Dinozzo it appear that agent David can't trust you… agent Dinozzo I'm sorry to say this but were transferring you".

ncis fanfiction tony never joined ncis

I am shocked at what just happened but at the same time thinking about how badly Jethro must have messed up for tony to come to the FBI. I hung up and I heard Gibbs growl I just look at him and said "don't, you chose Ziva I just hope it won't come back to bite you in the ass" I said then looked at Vance. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Bellisario Also, there will be bashing of some character from the show This is set in season in NCIS I have gone back and edited these chapters.

ncis fanfiction tony never joined ncis

Okay well that it Enjoy! Can we transfer Dinozzo? I rub my head in annoyance. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.These stories are incomplete, and very much rough drafts.

There will be spelling errors, missing commas, bad grammar, incomplete thoughts, and plot holes to name only a few issues. The below work is an offering for Evil Author Day Ironman was more than just an image on a piece of paper. He was the man that Tony was afraid he would have become if someone hadn't plucked him out of the dark and the pain after his parents died, and to bring him back down to earth when his head swelled from too many people telling him how wonderful he was.

Series header info will change as stories are added. Some details below may be spoilery. So, proceed with caution!

See Chapter One for story content information. Menu Skip to content Welcome to AngelicInsanity! Search for:. Penumbria's Fanfiction Recommendations. Rene Maxwell Every writer has to start somewhere.

Whispers In The Mind. Slash World Because we should all read lots of slash! Keira Marcos. Rough Trade. The Inconsistent Post We do everything - just not on a schedule. Post to Cancel.

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