Contact names not showing in messages android

Recently, I was having this problem: Every time when I receive a messagethe message app was showing its phone number instead of its contact name even though I had saved the contact information of this particular person in my iPhone. I saved her this number as Selma.

I was able to fix this problem. This short article explains how I was able to fix this. If you are having this problem, this article will teach you how you can troubleshoot it. Here is how:. Please note that we explained this issue before when users were having a very similar problem with then-new iOS 9 update.

How to Restore Deleted Contacts in Android Phone

Please read that article also. If you are still having issues, then please try the following tips:. If none of the tips works for you, then you may want to contact Apple support. You can chat or meet with a Genius. What the heck did you do to my phone. Now NONE of my text message threads are listed by contact.

My whole messages list is all phone numbers. Man — thanks a lot. MY mission was to fix my contacts mess soI spent a bunch of time syncing all my contacts from various places, got them all into icloud. I exported the current list and I synced back to my phone. Then I turned off icloud, kept the contacts on my phone, deleted them from icloud I do not like apple snooping and I finally had a great list but my messages were showing up as numbers only, Turning off short list worked perfectly for me.

Now, I no longer have any contacts. What I discovered was that in ios Then when you log back in, they are retrieved from icloud. Yep, work just fine for me. I just cycled through the iCloud options, restarted the phone and was good. After I updated my iPhone 6 to I did all the steps nothings work for me. What should I do??? Select each account that syncs your contacts with your device like Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, and so forth. I have just sorted my with the help of a local apple support person.

Last updated my phone then my contacts went to numbers instead of the usual names. This is what sorted mine.No doubt Android OS still needs a lot of improvements on the other hand. In the Cydia store a lot of tweaks are available which allows you to change the every corner of your phone.

Unfortunately, there are no such tweaks for android users. In fact you have to install the whole app to get only one feature. Handcent SMS is one of the popular messaging apps which you can replace with the stock Messaging App. It has got a lot of feature which you can see at the official Google Play page but it also allows you to hide the phone numbers.

Here is how you can do it. I discovered it recently. It is minimalistic, neat and clean with tabbed lists.

Hide the Mobile Number While Composing SMS in Android Using These Apps

These days I am using it as a default messaging app. But it hides the mobile number by default. It is also very convenient and handy in the cases when you want to see from which mobile number you are getting the sms if you have saved more than one mobile number under the same contact. Whereas such feature is absent in Handcent SMS app. If you are using any other app or method to show only the names in the conversation list, please share with us.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. Author: A.Discussion in ' Android Support ' started by StonzeeAug 21, Stonzee New Member. The name doesn't show up. So I cleared the partition cache. Didn't work. I did a hard reset. Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

I don't sync my contacts with any accounts. I've talked to my carrier. They had no clue how to resolve it. I talked to Motorola. They couldn't help.

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I'm at a loss. Can anyone help resolve this issue? I have an Atrix HD and 4.

contact names not showing in text messages

So, I am afraid but there is no any possible solution available instead of it will keep showing things like that and I don't think that's an issue. And it is an issue to me. Sajo Diamond Member. It could be tied to your contacts not being synced with your Google account? Or the messaging app you are using? You could try picking one contact that you receive texts from often and add them as a Google contact and see if it makes a difference you can always remove them from your Google contacts later I don't sync with any accounts.

I've never set up anything on Google and don't plan to. I have an Atrix HD. I don't use my Google account. I use the stock app that came on the phone. I was just suggesting it as a test only Not sure why it stopped displaying names? Have you tried clearing the messaging app cache? Or running the phone in Safe Mode?

Yes, I have done both. Neither worked.

contact names not showing in messages android

If the issue is still present in Safe Mode Other than a FDR, I don't know what else would work. I don't have any third party text apps installed. I don't have any apps other than instagram. And it worked until a few days ago and I did not install any new apps.Announcement: How to unsubscribe from calendars on your iPhone. If you get unwanted calendar invites or event notifications on your iPhone, learn what to do. How to unsubscribe from calendars on your iPhone. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question.

I have had this issue for quite some time now, where when certain people text me only a select few of my contactstheir number shows on my lock screen instead of their contact name. I have read all the threads that I have found regarding this being an issue for others too, but everything I have tried that has worked for others is not working for me An additional thing I tried the other day was to totally delete the contact and re-add him to my contact list, changing his number from having an international dialling prefix to the standard UK telephone number, once he text me again following doing this, it still just showed his number on my lock screen and not his contact name.

contact names not showing in messages android

Hopefully Apple will have this fixed for the up and coming iOS release, which is supposed to be being dubbed 'Apple's most stable iOS yet', not holding my breath though Posted on Jun 11, AM. I've had a similar issue before.

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One one of our phones this can happen intermittently and only on a couple of numbers. The phone does know the phone number the message is from and displays that correctly on screen but should show the contact's name instead. On another device I had: it happened after an iOS update and I had to go in and "Edit" the contact and make some change and then edit it back, like their name, just to force it to save and sync. This solved the issue I had on one device but that was where this happened every message and showed like that on apple watch, and showed the contact number not name on the conversation too.

SMS Showing Number & Not Contact Name

This is nothing to do with caller ID and I verified the second issue I had with apple via screenshots and they confirmed the software was at fault but they couldn't say why in my case this was happening. I also showed them me resolving this step by step and they agreed this must be iOS and WatchOS but still couldn't say for why. I would simply start by editing the contact name and phone number slightly and editing it back again after a few seconds if you have icloud sync on.

Jun 12, AM. Page content loaded. Caller ID is a carrier feature and if you have the sender contact info in your Contacts app you should see their names when you receive a message. Jun 11, AM. Jun 11, AM in response to ckuan In response to ckuan. What level of software knowledge do you have to qualify you to say 'but since you said only a selected few then it's not iOS'?

Again, working in the telecoms sector, I'm well aware of caller ID and who provides it. I know that I 'should' see their names when I get a text as I have them in my contacts, but to point out the obvious, I don't see their names This is the whole point of starting this discussion I have iOS since too This has only been an issue over the last version, maybe the one before, can't remember when the issue started as I just assumed with others having the issue that it would be fixed at some point.

My family are using a 5s and an iPhone X, they do not have the issue It's still an issue with my handset. A little bit of advice about software, just because you do not experience it, does not mean it isn't a bug There will be a way to replicate this issue, sometimes a very strange thing to replicate it, which causes an issue in the software.With WhatsApp, more than one billion people worldwide stay in touch with family and friends conveniently, but you may think it not convenient any more when.

Your WhatsApp has been updated to the latest version, since the old version may have some glitches. Android users should check if the contacts in address book are visible to WhatsApp.

Also, it is a good choice to uncheck and check "visible" or "viewable". See if the contacts are shown on WhatsApp now. Suppose you have done all of the above, and WhatsApp contacts still disappear, or just showing numbers but not names, probably there are some glitches in WhatsApp.

Data will be deleted when you clear data or delete the app, so you should remember to do a backup for you data if you want to keep it.

Ways to do a WhatsApp backup will be introduced in Workaround 6.

contact names not showing in messages android

Cache is a collection of some small files that may help the apps to run speedy, whereas when the files are broken, they accumulate and slow down the apps. Besides, since there is no clear cache option on iPhone, to remove WhatsApp cache on iPhone, you need to reinstall the app.

Here is the guide to use it. Download Download. Choose "Encrypted Backup" if you want to protect the data.

contact names not showing in messages android

Step 3: Click Start and then the data you can backup is listed. Check what you want to backup and click Next. Just wait for a while and the backup is done. FonePaw uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Click Privacy Policy to learn more. Got it! Product Multimedia. Data Recovery MacMaster Hidata. With WhatsApp, more than one billion people worldwide stay in touch with family and friends conveniently, but you may think it not convenient any more when WhatsApp contacts are not showing on your iPhone or Android Samsung, Pixels etc.

WhatsApp is not showing contact names, but just numbers. This article will show you how to have the WhatsApp contacts show properly on your phone. Workaround 4: Re-login WhatsApp or Restart your phone Suppose you have done all of the above, and WhatsApp contacts still disappear, or just showing numbers but not names, probably there are some glitches in WhatsApp. Can you get the WhatsApp contacts or contacts names back?This information will be visible to anyone who visits or subscribes to notifications for this post.

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Send feedback on Help Center Community Troubleshoot. Pixel Phone. This content is likely not relevant anymore. Try searching or browse recent questions. Original Poster - Bill Malone. After android update my contact names are not showing in text messages. Any suggestions? I cannot figure out how to repair. Contacts, Calls, VoicemailGoogle Pixel 2. Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Learn more. Recommended Answer Recommended Answers 0.

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All Replies Recommended Answer. Google user. Original Poster. Bill Malone. Matthew Cannon Had the same problem on pixel 4. Just cleared the local storage for the text app and it fixed it. And it didn't delete my previous conversations.

This did not work for me. I cleared my cache and storage and still nothing. Is it because the origin is a 5 digit number Platinum Product Expert Jason Chasteen. I think your issue is related to the following thread.Go to Solution. View solution in original post. That is it. Just figured it out. You are awesome. Thank you!. I did that and I've tried calling my phone from another number and I saw the caller id. I wish I saw this solution before I did a factory reset yesterday.

But thank you. Had the same problem and your solution helped greatly. Thank you so much for posting the solution. So glad I decided to look here 1st. Thanx once again for the solution. That worked for my S8. My buddy has a Galaxy 9, and says he does not have same options? I keep searching for Galaxy 9 and all I see is these answers for the S8.

Sign In. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Contact name not showing when called. Hello, After the new softward update whwn i receive calls my contact name does not display. I have gone to settings and made sure the contact app has all the permission enable.

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